Sales Enablement

This book aims to provide insights into how this revolution is unfolding and to provide a framework for executives and management students to address the issues involved. One of its key contributions is that it emphasizes the roles of customer value and organizational.

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The book focuses on the transformation of the traditional sales organization into a strategic force leading the strategic customer management process in companies. Traditionally, the area of sales management has mainly been treated as a tactical, operational topic in conventional marketing literature – simply part of the communications mix within the planned marketing program.

Improve the corporate reputations that different groups of stakeholders hold of your company. He also describes how to avoid many of the traps that catch unwary managers who try to improve their company’s desired reputation. Good reputations have been shown to help firms attain and sustain superior financial performance in their industry. This book outlines how high-status companies become corporate super brands, and it presents managers with a framework.

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