Marketing 4.0

Unlike usual business books, The Two-Minute Revolution provokes you to think big-about innovation as well as excellence in on-the-ground execution.

The national counseling standards are highlighted throughout the book, as they are the keys to organizing and delivering effective services.

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Insightful and packed with fascinating examples-from creating and launching Maggi Noodles to spearheading the highly effective Jaago Re campaign for Tata Tea-this book suggests tried and trusted strategies for building extraordinary brands. Reignite passion and energy throughout your organization “Clear, powerful and urgent, it’s a must-read for anyone who cares about where they work and how they work.

The contents of the book exemplify the role of the counselor in responding to and assisting middle school students to enjoy positive educational and personal/social experiences. This book should be read and used by anyone or any group that works with students.


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