B2B Marketing Strategy


This premium book is both the perfect guide for getting the most out of island life and the ultimate reference for anyone who insists on having it all.

Discover everything about the many exotic foes that Evan and company encounter on their travels. From the smallest Goo to the greatest Dragon, you’ll find their statistics.

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Our useful primers will get you oriented and informed on everything a new resident needs to know. — Create Your Paradise — The sea’s the limit when it comes to customizing your island-you just need the right tools and a little guidance (…and maybe a bit of insider information for playing the stalk market). You’ll find all of this here, and more: every tool and app is explained and our tips for design and money-making are not to be missed!

B2B Marketing Strategy: The Book makes keeping track of everything as simple as can be. With this book by your side, you’ll experience all the game has to offer and be guaranteed to have a prosperous kingdom! Quest Guide: Let us guide you through Evan’s adventure with a beautiful, in-depth walkthrough full of exclusive artwork and illustrated maps.


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